> "Unable to create TIcsWndControl hidden window. Error 1158"
> How I can use 4-5K of TSmtpClis in my app ?

You are probably out of memory. You need a 64-bit server OS for a lot of

You can use these APIs to get various memory information about your
application and the PC, to see what is causing your limit: 

GetProcessMemoryInfo, GlobalMemoryStatusEx and GetPerformanceInfo

My web server application logs this lot hourly:

23:00:10 Program Resources: Handles 225, Memory: Working Set 54.0M, Paged
Pool 131K, Non Paged Pool 19.0K, Peak NP Pool 928K
23:00:10 Global Memory Usage: Load 89%; Total Phys 4.00G; Free 432M;
Total Paging 8.17G; Free 4.73G; Total Virt 2.00G; Free 1.91G
23:00:10 Commit Total 3.45G, Commit Limit 179M, Commit Peak 3.81G,
Physical Total 4.00G, Physical Available 432M, System Cache 854M
23:00:10 Kernel Total 342M, Kernel Paged 223M, Kernel Nonpaged 119M,
Total Handle Count 24,671, Total Process Count 70, Total Thread Count 959


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