> I have an application for backup that works on LAN. All data is 
> copied into
> a Folder and subfolders (please refer below pattern). Using MagFTP
> component I intend to syncronise the Local backup onto the FTP site
> (g:\Backups\*.*). My problem is that there is one folder that I 
> need to exclude (g:\Backups\tempfiles\*.*).
> Is it possible without using the Single File Upload method ?

TMagFtp has a string property IgnoreFileExt that allows you to specify a
semicolon delimited list of file extensions that will be ignored, ie

There is also a binary property SpecificFiles that allows a list of files
to be downloaded or uploaded, the files names are a | delimited list
passed in SrcFName.  Beware I've not used this for a long time, can not
recall why it was added. 

I suspect what you really need to exclude a small number of files from a
large selection is a new event, somewhere after the calls to 
fMagFileCopy.SelectCopyFileList.  This function compares the source and
destination file directories and selects which will be transferred. You
could check SrcFileList for any you don't want to copy, and deselect them
by setting FrFileCopy := FCStateNone. 



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