> I am not able to use the component TWSocketServer with POS 
> terminals (do
> not have access to sources of client developed in C), the error 
> occurs  after the connection "OverbyteIcsWSocketS"

What error?  

> I need to do is receive multiple simultaneous connections to these
> terminals make query on a sql server database and returns the 
> contents

You can not use threads with SocketServer client responses, although you
can use a thread to prepare a response and send it from the main thread,
look at the FTP server which uses threads to index directories and
calculate MD5 hashes, but still uses SocketServer. 

My ICS web server is driven by a SQL database, but most queries takes 20
to 100ms so I did not bother to use threads, effectively the server stops
for that moment, but still supports 100 or more active sessions. 

If you really need client threads, you should be using TWSocketThrdServer.


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