> Hello, the protocol used is TCP,

TCP/IP is a transmission mechanism, not a protocol, those are commonly
named HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc. 

> the POS terminal sends to the server is a
> string of ASCII characters like this
> 018087&QTDE=01&TPEMISSAO=0&TIPO=0&MAG=0"

The text may be ASCII, but there are no line endings so it's not a line
oriented protocol, it's more like an HTTP POST response.  

> what happens is that after some transactions by sending the string
> to the server, the event OnDataAvailable is no longer triggered,

Using linemode false or true?  Are you expecting more data?  
> this happens only with the component TWSocketServer, since the
> component TWSocket this problem  never happens 

TWSocketServer uses TWSocket, no difference.  So the difference must be
between the ways you have implemented the code.   

> I also did the test with TMagIpLog and the same problem
> happens 

Sorry, can not explain that. Except TMagIpLog is heavily used in my own
applications and never loses data.  

I would refer back to my previous comment about creating a test
application, you can use TMagIpLog in client mode, to send similar data,
being able to see the responses your server sends may give a clue as to
why everything stops. 


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