> 1) In case I have to upload some data (eg: 5GB). How can I get to 
> know approximately how much time it will take ?

Use CopyEvent, LogLevelProg gives you an ASCII string every couple of
seconds showing how much has been transferred and the total size.
Unfortunately from your perspective, the response is friendly format, ie
4.5Mbyte of 2.6Gbyte, which you'd need to parse with the time taken so
far to estimate the time left.  The internal variables are not available
in the event.  The component does report the time and speed at the end,
but that does not really help you. 

To do it properly really needs a new LogLevelSpeed type in the procedure
onFtpClientProg64 that does all these calculations and gives an ASCII
response.  I'll put it on the wish list, with exclude sub-directories.   
> 2) Just wanted to know if there are any size limits for upload with
> ICS/MagFtp ?

No real limits, I've tested file transfers of DVD size, but nothing
larger.  But MagFtp only uses a single socket at a time.  If you want
more efficient uploading of single large files you would be better
looking at OverbyteIcsMultipartFtpDownloader (no uploader) that splits a
large file into chunks and does multiple parallel transfers. 


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