Hello ICS team,


I´m currently using your implementation of shared handles in all my
applications (I have actually removed all AllocateHwnd and changed to use
your implementation in your to share handles between objects and save some
OS resources), and I think that I have found a flaw in the system but I´m
not sure how to fix.


The problem that I´m facing is that “Unsent” messages are being received
sometimes… After a lot of debugging and testing I think that I have came to
a conclusion:


In my tests, I create many objects and destroy them, so, there are many
operations to allocate handles (From your lib) and deallocate them… What I
could observe is that if I create an object (Allocating a shared message
from your system), send a message to it and destroy it (deallocating this
message), and creating more objects, the message ID that was allocated to a
previous object (already freed) is now allocated to a new object, and the
message that was posted is still not received.. so, when the main thread
actually process the message and tries to dispatch the message, it will be
dispatched to this new object, creating a great mess in the software


So… I´m not expert in your structure.. but could that scenario occur? 





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