> Noticed odd bug in the FTP Transfer program. 
> I used OverbyteIcsSslFtpServ.exe on another machine 

The bug is in the ICS FTP server, with the new XDMLSD directory listing
command, that is only likely to be used by the ICS FTP client.

> > 226 File sent ok
> > 451 Failed: Access violation at address 004B9E39 in 
> > module 'OverbyteIcsSslFtpServ.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

I saw the bug myself last week when testing the latest version of the ICS
Xfer components, that now support improved progress information with
duration estimates and ignore sub-directories.  So far I've only updated
the v3W components for Delphi 2007 (which I used for all my own
applications), not the normal v3 components for D2009 and later, will do
that next week. 

> Failed to compress file - Access violation at address 005315ED in
> module 'magfserver.exe'. Read of address 00000000


> Using thread to list directory
> Directory 0bytes sent in 0 milliseconds
> Unhandled Server BgException: Thread Error: The handle is invalid (6)

The server bug is something to do with the thread that is used for the
directory listing and compressing the result, I've seen different errors,
and sometimes it works once and then fails.  Not been able to reproduce
it under the debugger yet, will try again next week, busy this week.  

In the client, you can set magftpNoFeat in MagFtpOpts to stop the
advanced commands being used. 


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