On Sunday, June 30, 2013 11:46 AM [GMT+1=CET],
Russell Weetch schrob:

> I have an application that connects to a payment service using
> TSslHttpCli. It works ok most of the time but sometimes it fails. It
> doesn't raise an exception but the returned stream is empty, the
> statucode = 0 and the reasonphrase is Unauthorized. There seems to be
> no way we can recreate this on demand, so I wondered if anyone had
> any ideas. 

What version of HttpProt.pas do you use?
It might be better handled with this fix:

Jan 23, 2012 V7.23 Arno added httperrNoStatusCode, passed to OnRequestDone and
             raised in sync mode if connection closed prematurely. Always raise
             EHttpException with the internal httperror code rather than the
             HTTP status code if FRequestDoneError is set, this changed
             EHttpException's ErrorCode property value of abort and timeout

Get latest ICS source code from here:


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