>> If there is interest, maybe we can fund the project like we have done in
the past for SSL ?
>> Anyone willing to put some money on the table for that ?

> I would be willing to put forward some money but I would want to see some
rough-order-of-magnitude estimate 
> on the total cost and rough schedule.  My need for instance is for the
HTTP/S stack but I don't need SMTP/FTP/Mail 
> clients, etc. so I would be more interested in helping fund a project plan
that ports HTTP as the first high-level 
> component (obviously including all of the requisite low-level components
like TCP, DNS, etc.

Only the base component TWSocket has to be seriously adapted. High level
components are using TWSocket and will probably require only minor changes.
OpenSSL integration also need some work.

If it is me that does the work, it would probably requires several months
depending on when the project will be started and how busy I am for my
normal business (Which is NOT developing ICS) at that time.

Embarcadero MVP

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