> hi, i'm using Twsocket and ics component on delphi xe4, i wanted to know
if some one had a 
> demo example that explain how to send and receive image from the client to
the server 
> (Timage-->stream-->Timage) through UDP. Thanks in advance

UDP is by definition an unreliable protocol and is probably not good to send
images. See http://wiki.overbyte.be/wiki/index.php/FAQ.Difference for an

UDP is good for applications where it is not a problem to loose data, for
example video or sound streaming.
UDP is not good when you want to send data reliably, unless you implement
above UDP your own application protocol with error detection and correction.
Probably, you will end reinventing TCP protocol....

Please let us know more about your application and why you think you need
UDP and we will then be able to provide better advice.

Embarcadero MVP

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