> I'm assuming you mean local to their server, rather than local to 
> the client ?

Yes, the FTP has no knowledge of the client's time zone. 

> What's also odd is that mlsd from one client results in the files 
> returned in a different order than another client - I'd have 
> expected that the server would always use the same sorting criteria.

Assuming you mean the same client software on different PCs against the same
server, the results should always been the same.  

But some FTP applications may sort the file in client and present them in a
friendly manner.  

The order on the server may also change as files are deleted and added. 

If you use my TMagFTP component, the directory will be returned as sorted
Delphi records.  

Also beware that lots of date fiddles are needed for FTP, for instance UNIX
does not return the time of day for files older than a year, and servers
returning local time often return summer time and winter time, so change the
time stamp twice a year.  

You learn all these things after massive downloads.  TMagFtp defaults to
assuming any file with a time stamp within 62 minutes is the same....


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