Could it be some kind of proxy at the clients end ?

This is what the server gives me when I manually login, which I'm assuming is the FTP software
220 ProFTPD 1.3.3a Server (My FTP server)

I've just tried connecting without using passivemode on my PC and I don't get a rejection as you can see from the logs below. Unfortunately as this is part of my auto-update code, the FTP server's address is hard-coded in to the app, but if I need to I could compile a special build that logs on to your server - thanks for the offer of that.

17:43:18:646 Logging started  03/09/2013 17:43:18
17:43:18:646 Created FTP Client
17:43:18:646 in DoGetUpdateFiles
17:43:18:646 Attempting to connect to FTP
17:43:18:646 connect to ftp
17:43:19:021 Session Connected, error = 0
17:43:19:333 Request ConnectAsync Done.
17:43:19:333 StatusCode = 230
17:43:19:333 LastResponse was : '230 Anonymous access granted, restrictions apply'
17:43:19:333 No error
17:43:19:333 Attempting directory change to: /pub/HireTRACK NX/autoupdates/
17:43:19:333 Recurse iteration0
17:43:19:333 recurse: /pub/HireTRACK NX/autoupdates/
17:43:19:505 Request CwdAsync Done.
17:43:19:505 StatusCode = 250
17:43:19:505 LastResponse was : '250 CWD command successful'
17:43:19:505 No error
17:43:19:505 Directory is ""
17:43:19:505 Successfully Changed Folder
17:43:20:130 Request MlsdAsync Done.
17:43:20:130 StatusCode = 226
17:43:20:130 LastResponse was : '226 Transfer complete'
17:43:20:130 No error


On 03/09/2013 17:34, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
Thanks. slightly different if PassiveMode = FALSE, but no cigar :(
09:13:40:776 LastResponse was : '502 Active FTP not allowed.'
Unusual to see an FTP server specifically refuse non-passive connections, do
you know what make?

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