I used the overbytehttptst program and noted that the headers stated that NTLM was indeed an option in the 407 response.

So, for the proxy user I used the domain\user credentials, and the IT dept supplied me the password, which I used for the proxy password.

This worked a charm.


On 29/09/2013 07:56, Fran├žois Piette wrote:
I have a client with a proxy using active directory for it's
How does this sit with the proxy username and password for the HttpCli
Do I use the windows user login credentials?
Any pointers, if not specific answers are appreciated.

HttpClient has nothing to do with ActiveDirectory. It is the web server you
connect to that handle the authentication and validate user/pass against the
ActiveDirectory. As far as HTTP is concerned, the web server may accept
user/pass using any of the standard authentication scheme. When
ActiveDirectory is in action, it is likely that NTLM is used but not always.

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