> How the messages are sent to me is out of my control. But the client will
not send me another 
> message until the previous one has been acknowledged. If I don't respond
at all the client will 
> timeout, close the socket connection, re-open it and send the original
message again.

If your XML message has no delimiter, then you must parse it on the fly -
which is possible - so that you know when it is complete and time to process

This is a perfectly usable strategy but this is not what is usually done.
Usually, either there is a delimiter at the end of the data, or there is a
length expressed in front of data. The receiver then knows when everything
has been received without any knowledge - beside length or delimiter - of
the "message" content. This helps building a layered application where
transport and processing is clearly distinguished.

Of course those considerations are not dependent on the component used. What
you use with the old component is for sure good for ICS component as well.

Embarcadero MVP

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