> > So was this ultimately a yahoo relocation bug for including port 443
> > on the Location header?
> I do not know for sure as I do not know for sure whether it was a bug
> in ICS.
> I noticed that other clients actually received a location header without
> the 443 port and they did not sent the port with the host header.
> Don't know whether or not that's mandatory. In RFC 2616 I just found one
> related sentence:
> "A "host" without any trailing port information implies the default port
> for the service requested (e.g., "80" for an HTTP URL)."
> So at least my fix is actually RFC compliant.

Thanks again for the quick fix. I see that it is now reporting that the
location change is "http://yahoo.com/?s=https"; with no port number. I thought
Yahoo was actually including the port number in the location URL, but my
understanding now is that ICS was improperly adding it... but that this has
been fixed in 8.05.


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