I uploaded a test project here:

The password to download the file is: ics. 
The project consists of the WebSvr ICS sample project, with only post-related 
code kept, and a simple client based on indy, that sends 50 post requests 

I have reproduced the issue with another computer and delphi version (XE4 pro 
then 2010 Ent.). The issue is much more frequent on the second test 
environment, so you may have to launch the test multiple time before seing a 
read timeout on client side.
I also tried with ICS v7 and delphi XE3: only one failed post out of thousands 
of requests, and I was not able to reproduce it after that, compared to 3% to 
10% failed requests with ics v8

Again, I'm new to ICS so I dont know if this is a bug, or if I missed something 
(most probable) on the correct usage of indy client with ics server, or ics 
server for pipelined requests.


>>No clue if this a bug, I could simply provide sample code to reproduce the 
> Please do.
> Put your code somewhere on the web and publish a link to the mailing list
(don't attach your code to a message for the list, it will be rejected).
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