> *Subject:* Re: [twsocket] FTP Client - reconnecting
> Now trying with your components and although it's much better 
> behaved and fails gracefully, it still fails (in my app or the 
> supplied demo app).
> However as both your app and my app fail with my hosted FTP server 
> and both work with your FTP server, I'm going to assume that 
> there's something amiss with the ISP's FTP offering. Any clues in 
> the log as to what it could be  ?
> FTP Session Closed
> Downloaded File c:\ftp_test\hiretrack nx\\hiretrack 
> nx_cab.tmp, Size 321,058
> Request Failed: Partial File Downloaded, Resume Allowed, Expected 
> File Size 12,325,384, Actual Size 321,058

Looks like the session closed after two seconds of downloading, once 300K of
data had been done.  

No reason for the server or client to close during a data transfer, it could be
a firewall somewhere closing the TCP connection.  

My own firewall does this if it finds something nasty part way through the file,
it's been deleting mails supposedly from the taxman at gateway.gov.uk today
which are actually viruses, the emails are very authentic since I had a real
one yesterday when I submitted taxes online, and then got a reply to the email
address less than 12 hours later that was almost the same except for a zip

Or maybe the FTP server has a badly implemented session timeout?  Can you get
the server logs or is not your server? 


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