>>>How can I get  a buffer of TnScript some else way?

>> TTnScript inherit from TEmulVT which has a buffer for what you see "on 
>> screen". There is a Screen property which in turn has a Lines property.
>> This is an array of records made of Txt : AnsiChar (Character displayed) 
>> and Att : Byte which is the attribute (color and so on).

> Unfortunately TEmulVT is unsuitable. 

Unless I misunderstood your problem, a TTnScript is a TTnEmulVT which is a
TEmulVT. So you don't have to replace your TTnScript by a TEmulVT because it
is already a TEmulVT (with some added features of course).

> So I want to get the TnScript's buffer and write to file by himself.

Did you had a look at the source code ?

If I misunderstood your problem, please rephrase it. Don't use the same
description again but use other words and sentences.

Embarcadero MVP

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