Sometimes client can disconnect on multithreaded server while send, after
that I receive
"Range check error" or
"Socket is not connected (#10057 in Send)"

How can I avoid these errors?
 I'm checking client state before send.
Must I ignore both these errors? If yes, I can understand to ignore
"#10057", but why shuld I ignore "range check error".
It is very rarely error (one time on 1.000.000 send), but it happens every
day on my server.

//TTCPClient = class(TsslWSocketTHrdClient)

  if (FTcpClient as TTCPClient).state = wsConnected then
          (ftcpclient as TTCPClient).Send(data, 4);
// here error (in debug I see that client disconnected after entering in
function Send
          on e: exception do
            log.debug('Error in sendstr TClient.writelnuncompressed:' +

Thank you.
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