>> You can vote for your favorite language (I hope it is Delphi but you can
>> vote for anything).

>I do not understand this page. How do you vote? Just by a click on the
>Just from the name I'd prefer "pogoscript", whatsoever that is ;)

Well, I said how to vote: "You can cast your vote by sending a tweet with
hashtag #code2013 followed the name of your favorite language."

Of course you need a tweeter account to vote. A tweet is much like an SMS:
it is maximum 140 characters. You send it to either someone specific (you
mention his account name after the '@' sign in front of your message), or to
nobody in particular in which case your tweet is only seen for those doing a
search for it or those having subscribed to your tweets. This is what
Code2013 do: every 10 minutes a robot does a search on tweeter for
"#code2013" and add the language names found in the tweet and present the
result in the graphic you saw.

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