Hi Noam

I think you should set breakpoints directly in the socket component (or even add some test code) to (maybe ;-)) see what happens.

Define a global flag F: boolean

In your code:
Before you assign values to ip and port
1. set F to true.
2. set a tag number for your socket, f.e. yoursocket.tag = 1234

Before you call connect
1. reset the F to false.

In the Socket component:
Wherever the ip or port are set to '' set a breakpoint with condition (F=true) AND (tag=1234).

Best regards

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Yes I run a few examples before using the components.

My current application has actually a few sockets.

I have a ping component checking if devices are online/offline. This is in its
own thread.

I have two sockets one for sending and one for receiving working in a separate
module with their own thread.

The socket that I have problems with is running in a separate thread

I added a testing code after assigning the Port and Addr, Something like this:

if((Socket->Addr == NULL) || (Socket->Port == 0))

And that was before even calling Connect...

Once in a few run's I got one of the above 0 or even both ?

I am sure that I am writing the port and IP values.


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