Hello all,

I am trying to interface with some laboratory instruments, previously we used 
RS-232, now we are working on the next generation of machines

The instruments act as servers, I have established reliable communications with 
each of the instruments as individual units using WSocket as a client. Now, I 
would like to set it up such that I can talk to each instrument in turn (it is 
never necessary to talk to more than one machine at a time).

As an experiment I have built a small app with two TWServers on board, each is 
connected to buttons to dis/connect, send the contents of an edit box and place 
the results in a memo. Each client represents a different instrument.

The setup works reasonably well if I connect-send-disconnect each instrument in 
turn. If I leave both instruments connected the system runs for a bit but 
eventually gets bogged down. I have no problem with having to make and break 
when I switch machines except for the fact that sometimes the reconnect can 
take a few seconds which, of course, slows things.

Any suggestions for this TCP newbie as to how to use multiple clients within 
one piece of software would be greatly appreciated. I’d  like to avoid 

BTW – compiler is Delphi 7 (soon to be ported to XE2)

Best regards

Chris Lusty
(first time poster)

C.W. Lusty, PEng MBA
Hinterland Software Ltd.
Software manufacturers for the PC-Titrate family of products
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