> Can you please explain "there is definitely no such issue" ?
> I had a problem similar to this:
> I had a thread sending ping's to a list of IP's to check if devices are

Please read again what I said: His program isn't multithreaded.

If you use threads, then you can NOT acces any GUI item - such as a TMemo -
from your thread. VCL is not "thread safe".

> I was told by a friend that the reason for that happening is that window
is not an RT OS and will time slice the operation. 

This is not related at all to a real time operating system or not.

> Am I missing here something ?

I don't know. Maybe you forgot that TWSocket component multitask without
using threads. It simply uses events. And as such don't need to use
synchronization objects. Of course if you use TWSocket in a thread, you are
back to the difficulties of multithreading. And you may actually built a
slower application to make a long story short.

Embarcadero MVP

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