> *Subject:* [twsocket] Using ICS V5 POP3 with SSL
> *From:* Veit Zimmermann <zimmerm...@vectronic-aerospace.com>
> *To:* twsocket@lists.elists.org
> I have to replace an old ICS V5 with a SSL enabled version. I 
> thought the easiest way would be to replace it with the V5 SSL 
> version, but It doesn't work for some reason.

V5 has not been tested for five years. Why not use V8? 
> If I use the SslMailRcv demo I can connect fine to gmail and one 
> other POP server when using Explicit SSL, but it fails when I 
> command STLS with Command Unknown When using Implicit SSL 

Some POP3 servers may not support SSL on port 110, only on port 995. 
pop.gmail.com does not listen on port 110. 
> Could it be I really need a Certificate to connect via Implicit 
> SSL? That would be new to me.

No, you don't need a certificate for an SSL client application, unless the
server rejects you specifically for that reason, and certainly not for gmail.


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