Thanks Angus!

Good news first: As always the problem was on the questioners side: The firewall in our gateway/proxy didn't let the data through properly. As soon as SSL was involved it blocked it. Bypassing the firewall made it easy.

Am 12.03.2014 11:14, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
*Subject:* [twsocket] Using ICS V5 POP3 with SSL
*From:* Veit Zimmermann <>
I have to replace an old ICS V5 with a SSL enabled version. I
thought the easiest way would be to replace it with the V5 SSL
version, but It doesn't work for some reason.

V5 has not been tested for five years. Why not use V8?

Simple: Minimize work. I thought it would be much easier to replace V5 by V5 SSL. Especially for an application that will not be developed any further.

If I use the SslMailRcv demo I can connect fine to gmail and one
other POP server when using Explicit SSL, but it fails when I
command STLS with Command Unknown When using Implicit SSL

Some POP3 servers may not support SSL on port 110, only on port 995. does not listen on port 110.

Yes I tried both, as I remembered that 110 was also working on gmail. But it seems my memory didn't serve me well on this.

Could it be I really need a Certificate to connect via Implicit
SSL? That would be new to me.

No, you don't need a certificate for an SSL client application, unless the
server rejects you specifically for that reason, and certainly not for gmail.

Thanks for clarifying.


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