I like to use ICS.
But I got an issue when using a TPing component.


I try to write a simple SSL client using a TSslWSockServer.

This client needs to ping a remote computer using ICMP.

So I plan to use a TPing component to do this job.

But ICS go down after Creating/Releasing this component.

I've got an exception WSANOTINITIALISED when using a TSslWSockServer object.

I dont really use the TPing object.

I just call constructor/destructor (Create/Free).

How to reproduce


You can simply reproduce this issue

1 - Open OverbyteIcsSimpleSslCli.dpr (Samples\Delphi\SslInternet folder)

2 - Add OverbyteIcsPing to the uses clause

3- Create and release a TPing component anywhere in the code (on FormCreate
for instance)


4 - Run the project and click on connect button.

You've got a error: "Winsock not initialized (#10093 in Connect(socked))"



TPing uses a TWsocket component.

I can use both TSssWSockServer / TWocket at the same time without issue.

So I don't undestand what's wrong with my code.

I tried to drop a TPing on another form: same result.

I await your comments and suggestions.

Best Regards,
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