hi (Angus)

some clarification...
we use ftpcli for many years now, ssl version is included last few years and this is first time i see the problem with SSL (but i assume most of our users still use plain FTP), i did several tests with SSL in past and no problems ..

i have this problem with one specific server (one of the our users asked me about it), this server is private (hosting in US : atomicvps.com) and user have problems since he was forced to switch from FTP to FTPES by his provider ( see http://www.atomicvps.com/blog/enforcing-encrypted-ftp-sessions/ ) ...

i did tests with this same server (ICS upload from my own pc), with same results (see log) i also did same test with other clients (non ICS from my own pc) to same server and no problems... means i can upload with non ICS client, but not with ICS client from same pc to the same server...

as another test i also installed local filezilla server and was able to reproduce same problem with it (ICS upload to local filezilla server)

btw, today i updated to ICS8 (latest version from SVN) and i still have same problem upload log with ICS8 here : http://miro.image-line.com/downloads/full_upload_log2.rar


Are you testing against local FTP servers on a LAN, or public servers across
NAT routers and firewalls?

95% of FTP problems that happen when the data connection opens are caused by
NAT routers or firewalls blocking the new connection.  This is worse with SSL
since the router can not modify the control channel to change the internal IP
address to an external address.

It's unlikely to make any difference, but you can test against the ICS SSL FTP
server on ics.ftptest.org.

BTW, ICS v7 is very old and no longer maintained, you should be using v8.

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