> Not sure if this gives us more information to go on.  Any ideas?

Assuming you are logging OnError, I can see no errors reported, so all we have
is the error code 500 after a sequence of FTP events that all appear to have
completed correctly. Are you logging the ErrorMessage property at the end, it
may have something? 

However, there seems to be a missing response to QUIT, it should be:

< 221 Goodbye.
FTP Session Closed

so maybe this is where your abort error is coming from.  If you log a different
client without the error, do you see 221? 

I've never used TRANSMIT, or any of the other methods that do a complete FTP
session using a single method, the problem is you really have no idea when it
fails as to why, as you've discovered.  I use the separate methods and check
for errors after every command.  But I ignore errors for QUIT and ABORT, since
nothing actually matters at that point.


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