> 1. Any chance for a C++Builder XE6 project?

Sorry, there are no new C++ Builder for XE4/5/6 and old packages are not being
tested with new components.  

Maintaining support for two new versions of Delphi a year and all the old ones
is painful and tedious, just for Delphi there are 16 different packages to
update and test the 11 versions of Delphi we try to support, and three
different platforms  Win32/64/OSX), and there are eight more C++ Builder
packages with three missing. 

All this package maintenance has to be done manually, and it's very time
consuming.  There are only three main contributors to ICS, and only one who
understands C++ Builder, and he no longer has the spare time to keep updating
C++ Builder packages.  

So we need a new contributor to help us maintain the C++ Builder packages, any
offers?  Someone must be using recent versions of C++ Builder.  

> 2. The cookie manager component seems to always get left out...

That was my component, and I don't understand C++ so can not test it or create
a C++ sample application. 

> how can I add this component to the C++Builder XE3 project 

There is nothing special about editing and creating packages, just open the XE3
package in C++ Builder, add the missing components, update XE3 references to
XE6, save, build and install.  There is a risk compiler changes may stop you
building the packages, needing source changes.  


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