Thanks Albert!

On 5/15/2014 9:05 AM, Albert Wiersch wrote:
Walter, I will try to document in more detail what I did.

* Copy and rename the *.cbproj files, changing XE3 to XE6 in the filename. I
did 4 of them but I think there are 2 more for FireMonkey, which I didn't do
yet but might in the future.
* Open the new XE6 cdproj files in a text editor, and replace all occurrences
of "XE3" with "XE6". I think one of the XE3 files had a reference to XE2 in
it, and I changed that to XE6 as well.
* Open all the project files in C++Builder XE6.
* Add OverbyteCookies.pas to IcsCommonCBXE6Run.bpl
* Build IcsCommonCBXE6Run.bpl
* In IcsCommonCBXE6Design.bpl, edit OverbyteIcsReg.pas. If I recall, I search
for 'Cookie' and found two lines that were commented out by defines that
excluded C++Builder. I simple commented those lines out so that the 'cookie'
lines would be included and I would get the cookie manager component.
* Build and install IcsCommonCBXE6Design.bpl
* Build IcsVclCBXE6Run.bpl
* Build and install IcsVclCBXE6Design.bpl

See if that works. I haven't actually been able to build my actual application
yet as I'm still resolving some other component issues.

Also, if anyone sees anything wrong in the above, then please let me know.

Albert Wiersch
AI Internet Solutions LLC

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You could do us all a favor if you could document step by step how you
accomplished this. Once I saw that ICS wasn't being supported for
C++Builder, I stopped buying the XEx upgrades. While I frequently use
the ICS components, I'm not sure I can follow your compressed steps
shown below.



On 5/13/2014 4:51 PM, Albert Wiersch wrote:
Probably, but we really need all three missing BCB versions tested, which
someone with all these versions installed, which is not trivial. I have
7 VM that is currently 120 gigs with 13 (I think) versions of Delphi/BCB
installed, which I use for testing ICS, it was a pain to set-up, I hope
never self destructs so I don't have to start again.
It would be nice to have them all, but having something (like C++Builder
support) is better than not having it I would think, even if XE5 & XE4
packages are missing.

But all I did was basically load the XE3 package, rename it, change the
from XE3 to XE6, and comment out some conditions for the cookie component.

Since the components are in Delphi anyway, I would think if they work in
Delphi XE6 then they should work in C++Builder XE6 with minimal issues
it will use the same compiler as Delphi.

What actually happens for debug and release builds can be customised, but
generally release is smaller since there is no debug information in the
I figured it was something like that... so why do the packages default to
'Debug'? Should this be changed to 'Release' when compiling/installing the
components for real-world use (unless one needs the debug info)? Perhaps
debug info will be stripped out of final software 'release' builds anyway?
suppose the concern then would be optimizations... which would probably be
nice to have but probably of little practical significance in most cases.


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