This subject doesn't deserve not even a reply?!
If the problem is where to try it, here is an online service to test HTTP redirects
Just put the next URL in the OverbyteIcsHttpTst application, and issue a POST request (without any data).

Hi everyone,
The 307 and 308 redirects must maintain the same request method, and not revert to GET as with other redirects.

This can be handled by changing, in the unit OverbyteIcsHttpProt methods LocationSessionClosed and StartRelocation, the line:

        if FRequestType = httpPOST then
if (FRequestType <> httpGET) and not ((statuscode=307) or (statuscode=308)) then

Anyone seeing any inconvenient with this change?
If not, please someone to add this to the svn.
If yes, what's the best alternative to handle it?


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