I'm building a service application based on THttpServer. For each
OnGetDocument event I'm building and returning XML. The XML building
process can be lengthy and I'd like to be able to handle other requests
while one is being processed.

*    procedure TMainForm.HttpServer1GetDocument(Sender, Client: TObject;
var Flags: THttpGetFlag);*
*    var*
*       current_connection : TMyHttpConnection;*
*    begin*
*       current_connection := TMyHttpConnection(Client);*
*       if CompareText(current_connection.Path, '/request_type1') = 0 then*
*         current_connection.AnswerString(Flags,'','application/xml;
*    end;*

My method to produce XML looks like this:

*    function ProduceXML():string;*
*    var*
*      myQuery : TUniQuery;*
*    begin*
*      Result:= '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>';*
*      myQuery:= TUniQuery.Create(nil);*
*      myQuery.Connection:= someConnection;*
*      myQuery.SQL.Text:= 'some sql';*
*      myQuery.Open;*
*      while not myQuery.Eof do*
*      begin*
*        (...)*
*        Result:= Result + some_xml;*
*        myQuery.Next;*
*      end;*
*      (...)*
*    end;*

I'm not experienced with multithreading, but ICS is non blocking, so I
think you already are handling most of the process, but I'd like to know
the best approach to handle multiple XML building at the same time. The
needed queries are created at runtime, inside the method that returns the
XML string.

I'm not sure what happens now when several requests come at the same time.
Should I create a thread to handle ProduceXML?

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