> Do the OnSessionConnected, OnSessionClosed and OnDataAvailable 
> events run in their own threads?  

No, TWSocket does not use any threads.  Windows does internally, but that is
transparent to a Delphi application. 

All events are called in the context of the thread in which the component is
created, usually the main application.  Generally, it's not a good idea to do
anything complex in the events, but trigger your own event (with PostMessage)
for further processing. 

If you are doing a lot of different connections, it's important to wait for
session connect and disconnect events to be called, before starting a new
connection, since TCP/IP has long timeouts for lost or failed connections.
Call Abort to break a connection, but still wait for the event. 

ICS does allow you to make simultaneous connections to multiple different
remote devices, without needing threads, several hundred if necessary, memory


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