This message is intended to start a dialog about future improvements to ICS
components for Windows, in particular the HTTP client and server components
where the world is moving ahead of us. 

Currently, new features tend to get added as needed by the main ICS developers
for specific projects, for instance I've added cookie and better MIME support
recently for my own projects.  Other users have customised ICS components for
their own purposes, sometimes submitting them as 'usermade' back to ICS,
sometimes making them public in other ways.  

So the first question here is are new features needed for future Delphi
projects using ICS, and if so what, in which order of priority? 

The next question is has someone done this work already, and are they prepared
to donate the work to ICS for others to share?  

Finally, all this new stuff has to integrated and tested with the existing ICS
code, which can be time consuming on it's own, so who can help?  Usually that
is those benefiting from the improvements?

Specifically, for the HTTP client and server components:

1 - Support all the current requests, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, TRACE, OPTIONS and
CONNECT, optionally. 

2 - Support OAuth and/or OpenID authentication.  

3 - Support Web sockets (not really HTTP), already done by Stan Korotky at


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