I've updated SVN with improvements to the ICS web client and server to support
all current HTTP methods, specifically for support of RESTful servers.

The overbtye.be DNS records are still broken, so downloads are from:



Jul 16, 2014 V8.09 Angus
Added new methods: OPTIONS and TRACE
Published RequestType for events


Jul 17 2014 V8.08 Angus
Added HTTP/1.1 methods OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, PATCH and CONNECT, all need
to be optionally enabled
OPTIONS and TRACE are handled by this component
PUT and POST need to be handled similarly to POST with an upload
DELETE is handled similarly to GET
CONNECT is really for Proxy Servers and ignored here for now
Added ServerHeader property optionally sent if hoSendServerHdr
Added RequestMethod property for client of THttpMethod
Added RequestUpgrade property for client, websoocket is protocol should be

The web client changes are minor, the main RESTful methods were there already,
added two missing diagnostic methods.  The sample however was 
missing some methods and is now complete. 

The web server needed many more methods adding, none are enabled by default.
The Options property defines which new methods are allowed. 

It would be nice for add a REST demo page to web server demo, if anyone has any
ideas please comment here. 


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