> Tags[0]=Tag1
> Tags[1]=Value1
> Tags[2]=Tag2
> Tags[3]=Value2

No luck with all sorts of ways. When I define the tags statically at design 
time and step through
the code, the content of the variable TAGS is much different from when it is 
done at runtime.
> Why do you need to build the tags dynamically?

I try to provide a function where I can define a page with tags w/o prior 
knowledge of number and
names of the tags. The application can hold 1, 10, 100... variables. The 
definition (number and
names) of the variables is defined by the user, hence known at runtime, so the 
user can define his
own template with the tags he is interested in. The template is used when 
creating the virtual document.
At runtime, the application knows both the name and the value of all variables, 
all of them go into
the definition of the tags when creating the virtual document and are thus 
available if defined in
the template or not.


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