SVN and the nightly ICS snapshot have been updated with new install projects
and packages for Delphi XE7, which was released this week.

There were no source changes needed to support XE7, just new packages and the
include file.  

Only ICS V8 supports XE4 and later, and only for Delphi Win32, Win64 and OSX
projects, no mobile platforms and no C++.

Embarcadero forums came back online about a week ago, but old messages for
about four weeks from late July were lost during the restore process.  

If you read forums using an NNTP news reader, you may not be getting any new
messages, due to the latest message numbers having gone backwards.  Depending
on your news reader, you may need to redownload all messages in each
group/topic, or resign and rejoin them. 


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