Hi Angus,

I wasn't aware the /cg was in the filename, it was there unintentionally.
I've tried a number of times with this url http://www1.telecom-tariffs.co.uk/testing/uploadfile.htm?FileName=merijn.test
Can you please confirm if the upload went ok?



On 04/09/2014 16:30, Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
No, I can't reproduce using that URL
You did not succeed in saving any files on the server, because my application
ignores all upload file names with file path delimiters.  It will be a better
test if you strip off the path and just leave the XML file name.

12:42:59 Request:[id=5398] from
i-bin/FileUpload/books.xml POST
12:42:59 Received Post Data File, Size 4,550, Content Type: application/binary
12:42:59 Illegal Upload File Name: merijn.test/cgi-bin/FileUpload/books.xml
FileName: merijn.test/cgi-bin/FileUpload/books.xml
Post URL: http://www1.telecom-tariffs.co.uk/testing/uploadfile.htm
>From IP Address:
12:42:59 Request Completed:[id=5398]
(bosma.xs4all.nl), Result 200, took 0ms, CurRead 4.97 Kbytes, CurWrite 2.35


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