> I've tried a number of times with this url 
> http://www1.telecom-tariffs.co.uk/testing/uploadfile.htm?FileName=me
> rijn.test
> Can you please confirm if the upload went ok?

> Received Post Data File, Size 4,550, Content Type: application/binary
> FileName: merijn.test/cgi-bin/FileUpload/books.xml

No, my application decodes the received POST data with TFormDataAnalyser, and
that has the longer CGI file name.  

It ignores the URL argument if the HTTP content says multipart/form-data.

It's a couple of years since I worked with this stuff and I don't POST files in
any of my active applications, so I'm a little hazy on why it's there -
possibly to test the form decoding components when someone in this mailing list
was having a problem. 


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