> However I am now getting the error

> RequestDone Rq=12 Error=EIcsLibeayException Unsupported OpenSSL 
> version (0x0090600F) !
> Supported versions are 0x0090805F - 0x100000AF
> FileName: C:\Windows\system32\LIBEAY32.DLL

The general rule with ICS SSL applications is always put the two OpenSSL DLLs
that match the version your application expects in your application directory.
Then you know these will be used independently of other applications using
OpenSSL that may install different versions.  During development, the DLLs need
to be in the debug and release directories unless you change target

Before you use SSL, you should initialise the SSL Context component, which will
load certificates (servers only) and the DLLs and giver an exception if there
are any problems.


Afterwards, you can use call OpenSslVersion and GLIBEAY_DLL_FileName to get the
actual version and DLL location you are using, which is useful for diagnostics.

Since version 7 is so old I don't know the latest OpenSLL version it supported,
you should be using the overnight version of version 8 that we try to keep up
to date supporting the latest OpenSSL.


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