> The .exe in the zip runs ok but no matter which host and 
> corresponding user/password I use it always reports
> Can Not Open Mail Server: <name of the mail server>:25 - 426 Timeout

Without SSL, you won't be able to connect to Gmail, see below. 

Just tested the original binary, all I did was changed To: my own email address
and clicked Send Mail, that will also work for you since it will send to my
account through mail.magsys.co.uk, but obviously not to email addresses hosted
by my server. 

These EXE does need the old OpenSSL files included in the zip, it's not been
updated for two years.  
> And the .proj file I can't get to compile because of loads of 
> errors based around not being able to find types eg
> [Pascal Error] MagentaMailQueue.pas(125): E2003 Undeclared 
> identifier: 'TSmtpSslType'

SSL is optional for ICS applications, these are the errors you get when don't
specify USE_SSL in the project file or don't change:

{.$DEFINE USE_SSL} to {$DEFINE USE_SSL} in OverbyteIcsDefs.inc

After either change, rebuild the project so all conditional SSL code is built. 


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