I am adapting the OverbyteIcsMailSndAsync1 demo by combining bits from 
OverbyteIcsSslMailSnd so that I can use SSL with the queue and pool instead of 
just TSmtpCli .

I've created a new class (TSslSmtpCliWithFEhloCount) inherited from TSslSmtpCli 
that adds a property FEhloCount so that each object of this class has its own 
count and can can connect by TLS using the correct number of Ehlo's. 

In OverbyteIcsMailSndAsync1 and I've replaced all references to TSmtpCli with a 
freference to my own TSslSmtpCliWithFEhloCount.

However I have a question about the TSslContext used in OverbyteIcsSslMailSnd.

All emails sent by the program will be going to the same host, same 
username and password, same SSL type (Explicit) , same AuthType (Login) 
etc.  Also the SslVerifyPeer in the TSslContext will always be false. 
Everything else is left at default
(These things will all be held in global variables, set from a database when 
the program starts)

Is it necessary for me to create a separate TSslContext each time I create a 
new TSslSmtpCliWithFEhloCount and link the two together or can I just have one 
TSslContext object and link all the new TSslSmtpCliWithFEhloCount  clients to 
the same TSslContext ?

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