>From next summer, it will be possible for applications to automatically request
and install free SSL/TLS web domain certificates, using infrastructure from
Let's Encrypt certificate authority: 


Essentially, the client runs an application that creates the SSL private keys
and certificate request, and sends it automatically to Let's Encrypt.  There
are then challenges to prove the domain is owned by client, either by creating
a DNS record or a specific file on a web server, which the CA checks before
automatically sending a new certificate back, which can be installed
automatically.  Revocation is automated in a similar manner.  


The specifications are at:  


Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME)
ACME is a protocol for automating the management of domain-validation
certificates, based on a simple JSON-over-HTTPS interface. This repository
contains the specification for ACME.

Effectively these are domain verified SSL certificates, which currently cost
about $16 per year from automated CAs like RapidSSL, 
not a certificate that shows a business name which still costs $200 per year or
more.  Not sure when testing starts, but I'll certainly create an ICS component
to get these SSL certificates, I need it for my own applications.


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