> 1. The weblink to the ICS FAQ in the support section of the ICS 
> website is broken!

The FAQ moved to the Wiki a while ago, this link needs to be updated to:

> For instance IE allows the proxy to be determined by a script, so
> the admin can implement load balancing etc.
>  How to find out such things? Is there some API for this?

Probably, but I've never done it myself and I'm not aware of any code in ICS to
help, maybe someone here can contribute some helpers? 

> 3. If I'm doing HTTP/HTTPS downloads will I be able to implement 
> some progress display on how far the file download has progressed
> already? And is there a way to handle resumes in case of 
> unreliable connections? 

To save time, you should look at my File Transfer Components, which are high
level versions of the low level ICS FTP and HTTP, which are much easier to use
and mean a lot less code:


The FTP component does handle retries, resume of partial downloads and a
progress bar with time estimates for the session. I'm afraid the HTTP version
is less complex and progress information is more limited, it was mainly
designed to parse an HTML page, find file links and download them.  There is a
compiled demo program so you can try all this without coding anything. 


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