Newbie Questions TnEmulVt1

I work for a small company that must replace an old java based terminal
emulator that runs on windows machines and connects to a SUSE Linux server.

The terminal emulator reads hidden codes in the terminal screen and then
launches windows program. For example it might launch Internet Explorer
with a
link to a document in an imaging system.

I've read through the wiki and the elist. I'm not the best programmer, so I
still have questions:

1)  The program searches for hidden commands by searching the data from the
TnEmulVT1DataAvailable procedure.
The commands are placed betwwen $$$ signs .
For example $$$notepade.exe document_name$$$  .
Is there a better way to do this?

2) How do I prevent this hidden string from appearing on the user's
terminal screen ? Do I need to alter the buffer before it displays to the
screen. How does one alter the buffer?

3) Is using VT100, or VT220 okay for TnEmulVT. Or should I stay strictly
with ANSI?

4) Are there any links you would recommend I read  for better understanding
how to use TnEmulVT?

Thank you so much for your time.


Peter Murad
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