> I'm using the ICS Overbyte FTP for uploading a file. I want to 
> display a progressbar and a speed indicator 

I've commented on the progress bar in a separate reply, calculating speed
simply involves timing how long it takes to transfer so many bytes (using
GetTickCount) and doing the sums on the remaining bytes, which you can only do
after the first 5 or 10 seconds when you have some data.  

> after the upload is completed i want to delete the file 

You have no error handling here so you don't know the upload completed
successfully, it may fail because the file already exists on the FTP server or
fails part way through.  Windows has a DeleteFile function.

If you want to do this properly, use the free Magenta Systems File Transfer
Components, and TMagFtp which is a high level version of Tftpclient that
handles multiple file, and includes a progress for single and multiple files. 



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