> I have some old (but active) code that sends emails via TSmtpCli. It
> uses an old ICS that uses the MimeBoundary property. Now porting to
> Delphi XE3 I am using a recent ICS and MimeBoundary has gone.  It
> looks like I can do what I want with THttpSmtpCli. The EmailFiles
> property allows me to attach files - is there a way to attach files
> that are held in memory? My program creates reports and then emails
> them but the reports are not saved. 

The component allows the entire body to be added from a stream and for files to
be attached, but not for streams to be attached,

You would need to build the entire body of the email yourself with the
appropriate headers and part separators.  But you may already be doing most of
this using the old version.  

FMimeBoundary still exists as a protected property in the component and is used


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