I am having a couple of issues with trying to use a SSL connection.
The scenario:
My app is a TCP/IP server which can use (or not) an SSL connction. For this I 
have modified the demo example "TSimpleSslServerForm" available on the ICSD 
I have a couple of issues:
First Issue
I have generated a certificate authority certificate, a server certificate and 
a private key using OpenSSL. My app works (in as much as it receives the SSL 
message) correctly., by setting the appropriate SslContext1 properties to the 
relevant files.
But, the server private key, must be present as a file on the local PC running 
the application. This means that the private key is anything but.
A crude fix for this has been to create the file holding the key when the 
application starts and then delete the file when the app closes, but this is 
far from ideal. My question is, is there an  way I can pass the private key to 
the SslContext1 component as a string or other structure so that the private 
key can be compiled inside the application and thus remain private?

Second Issue
When I try to connect to the server application sequentially with multiple 
records, the first connection functions, (issuer is Trusted, Message is 
received), but subsequent attempts to connect fail with error code 10053
Any idea what this signifies and how I can go about getting the app to work 

Geoff Cox
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