Thank you for the reply!
I'm using the following code:

{ declaratii private pentru ICSFTP}
    FLastProgress  : Int64;
    FProgressCount : TFtpBigInt;

procedure Tform2.ICSFtpONProgress(Sender : TObject; Count : int64; var
Abort : Boolean);
  // calculate size transmitted/remaining, speed, and time remaining as
    FProgressCount := Count;
    { Be sure to update screen only once every second }
    if FLastProgress < GetTickCount then begin
        FLastProgress := GetTickCount + 1000;
        //InfoLabel.Caption := IntToStr(FProgressCount);
        Form2.Log('status incarcare fisier: '+ IntToStr(FProgressCount)+' B
= '+IntToStr(FProgressCount div 1000)+' KB = '+IntToStr(FProgressCount div
1000 div 1000)+' MB = '+FormatFloat('000.### GB', FProgressCount / 1000 /
1000 / 1000));

     on E : Exception do
        Form2.log('eroare: '+E.ClassName+' => '+E.Message);


Do I have to clear the FLastProgress and  FProgressCount variables after
upload complete?

2015-06-07 19:59 GMT+03:00 Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd <>:

> > I'm using ICS FTP client in an application to upload large files to
> > a ftp server. In order to know hoe much data from the file has been
> > transferred I use the onprogress property.
> > Everything worked fine in my app till 31 May 2015.
> > Starting from 1 June 2015 i got no reply from the progress. The
> > files are uploaded but i have no visual feedback until the process is
> > done.The only way to get the progress is to restart my application.
> > Any idea why is this happening? I used a built in debugger to trap
> > errors in my application but there appears to be no error.
> > Could it be related to date?
> It's very unlikely to be the date, there is no data processing during an
> FTP upload.
> More likely the size of the file, the first was 6GB, the second 22G,
> perhaps you
> don't reset some counters before an upload and exceed something somewhere.
> Very unlikely to be a problem in the component.  But make sure you have an
> exception
> handler in the onprogress event, since exceptions in events may be ignored.
> Angus
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