OpenSSL has released new versions this week, ICS versions of OpenSSL 1.0.2b and
1.0.1n may be downloaded from:

These new OpenSSL versions fix several moderate security holes.  

They can be used with ICS V8 releases later than 25th March 2015 that relax the
check for minor versions of OpenSSL, to avoid rebuilding projects.

The overnight V8 zips includes some SSL changes this week: 

OverbyteIcsWSocket.pas - Jun 05, 2015 V8.18 Angus

Enabled SSL engine support, which are cryptographic modules adding extra
algorithms.  These modules are contained in the small DLL files distributed with
OpenSSL, mostly to support dedicated cryptographic hardware to improve 
on busy servers or add extra features. 

All ICS packages are now include OverbyteIcsMsSslUtils and
OverbyteIcsSslX509Utils (and some other dependent units) which include SSL
certificate display and validation functions, and which were previously only in 
SSL samples directory which made them hard to use in other projects and 

Beware this meant updating dozens of dpk and dproj files, and I only had time to
test three Delphi versions, please let us know if any packages will not build.  

Added Samples/Delphi/AllDemosProject.bpg which includes all 95 sample
projects, making it easier to build them all together, assuming the version of
Delphi does not run out of memory first.


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